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Wellbeing for TEENS Essex


In a world dominated by a constant bombardment of information, social media intrusion and technology addictions, teenagers and pre-teens need more than ever to feel safe, confident and empowered. Recent world events have seen a significant rise in anxiety and mental health problems amongst the young. Following techniques like brain gym, energy movement and mindfulness my classes teach them: 

  • How to understand their emotions and how we can use the mind body connection to ease anxiety

  • Fun ways to take care of their energy field along with movements and stretches to find balance 

  • How healthy self esteem benefits everyone

  • How to let go of judgement and the negative conditioning others may have placed upon them

  • Discernment, empathy and personal responsibility

  • Tools to help develop a positive mindset


Adolescence is a time where the brain is very sensitive and responsive to new input. Energetic awareness is also heightened - we communicate far more energetically than we do verbally during this period. There is also a tremendous opportunity for cognitive growth. I have particular experience of working with highly sensitive and aware children and can offer parents advice based on my own continuing journey of knowledge gathering, learning and teaching. When parents, teachers and carers feel supported, nurtured and heard the benefit of these programs for children is far greater.


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