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About Us



In this fast-paced world with a constant stream of information at our fingertips and technology doing our thinking for us, we are losing our imaginative capacity. As a result, so are our children.  Modern lifestyles are contributing towards a rise in anxiety and stress levels that mean we can longer ignore the importance of the mind body connection – nor can our children.

Recent world events have contributed significantly to the poor state of young people's mental health. Now more than ever we need to offer them tools and guidance to empower themselves. 

I offer wellbeing workshops, after school clubs, one to one sessions and online classes tailored for children, families and schools using various techniques, games and exercises to help connect the body and the brain. These methods help to ease anxiety. They help to take control of your emotional and energetic health whilst encouraging physical mindfulness. They are fun, creative and imaginative for adults and children alike.

If you are a parent, teacher or carer of children you are doing the most important job in the world.  We were all children once and as we start to heal our own childhood experiences, connect with that inner child in all of us, we can start to truly honour all children for the wonderful sparks of light, innocence and magic they really are.

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